Problems with Earthbags from China?

Reader question: “Has anyone determined the safety of bags manufactured in China, vs the US? I have read reports of bag failure even after the bags were kept covered. Is it known if the bag failures are from the manufacturing materials or the percentage of UV protection the covering material provides?

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Suppliers of Misprinted Bags

I think it would be a great idea to start a list of suppliers who sell misprinted bags. Suppliers sometimes sell otherwise perfectly good bags at a discount when the printing quality is not acceptable. Most people use 18”x30” bags, so that would be the best size to locate. Please leave a comment below with … Read more

The Most Bang for the Buck? Part 1

What’s the most efficient, cost-effective way to build with earthbags? How can you enclose the most space with the least time, effort and money? Well, it depends in part on climate, individual skills and preferences as far as styles/building types. (Other factors will be covered in a future post.) In general, round shapes are the … Read more

Sand Bag Munitions Storage Structures

A reader sent us the following email about another use for sand bags. “Militaries around the world (mainly US as it has representation in nearly every continent) use sand bags to construct barriers to prevent propagation of munitions explosion. That is, large amounts of explosives are stored in large bins (the size of classrooms) made … Read more

The ‘Low Down’ on Housing Costs

We’ve been explaining how you can build a sustainable earthbag home for around $10/square foot. To build in this price range requires extra time and effort, but it is possible. Unfortunately, if you look on the Internet, you’ll find people making outrageous claims about various building systems and how you can build for much less … Read more

Lowest Cost Bag Suppliers

Poly bag prices have been going up lately and I’m sure readers are looking for the best deals. This seems like a good time to start tracking the lowest cost bag suppliers, so I encourage readers to leave a comment below with your recommendations. For clarity’s sake, I suggest posting: – Company name – Website … Read more