Remembrance Farms Earthbag Fundraiser — 4 Comments

  1. The new roof looks great! Choosing a material for our round roof has not been easy. Ideally we would build one using a material that is conducive to rainwater harvesting, but we just aren’t sure of the options available to us in terms of materials. We do love that the vetiver thatching is so natural and even traditional in the West Indies, but we see some down sides as well. It seems like a thicker thatch would be ideal. I will certainly keep my eyes out for MCR tiles in Dominica.

    • Your main options would be metal, MCR, thatch, wood shakes, ferrocement (chicken wire and cement). Ferrocement roofs will turn black with mold in rainy climates.

  2. Owen,

    We are so pleased to see that you have promoted our project on your site. Your work has been a major source of inspiration to us in choosing the earthbag method. As you may have seen, we are also big proponents of vetiver and can’t wait to explore some of the ways it can be used in natural building. Please check us out on facebook- we will be posting progress pics as we go.

    Thanks you and Happy New Year,

    Ursula Schaefer and Caleb Prescott
    Remembrance Farms

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