Visiting Melliodora Permaculture Farm

“This place, Melliodora. A world renowned permaculture homestead, full of nut, fruit and forage trees, geese, goats, berries, vegetables, mudbrick homes and lives worth living. If you have studied, read or participated in any Permaculture-type doings and learnings in Australia, then you’ll be aware of the stellar home-scale permaculture demonstration site that is Melliodora, in … Read more

Earthsong Farm and Herbal School

“Sara Markis, Owner/Creator/Curato, has after 8 years of developing & gathering skills, come to the point of crowdsourcing for 300 acres (or more!) to be home to an Herbal school of 100-200 students from around the world, a natural farm garden & orchards and community of 500 households along with Auditorium,Farmer’s Market & Organic Cafe. … Read more

Remembrance Farms Earthbag Fundraiser

Remembrance Farm wants to build an earthbag roundhouse like ours
Remembrance Farm wants to build an earthbag roundhouse like ours

“During eight weeks beginning in January 2015, we will create the first infrastructure at Remembrance Farms. We will be building a twenty foot diameter round building using an exciting technique called “super-adobe” or “earth-bag” construction. This low cost method utilizes local materials and requires only simple tools. The technique can be learned easily and the structures are durable and beautiful. A traditional vetiver thatch roof and rammed earth floor will complete the building.

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