Rocket Stove with Oven

This is one of the best ovens I’ve seen! It’s super low cost and simple.

“By simply using clay and organic matter you can create an oven that is beautiful, versatile, energy efficient and it will cook delicious meals. We want to share this idea because we believe it can create business opportunities and help with the deforestation problem around the world.

The Rocket stove is an amazing development in fuel efficient cooking. Made with clay and rice hulls, this inexpensive stove can cook meals with small sticks and eliminate the need for expensive charcoal.

The Rocket stove’s insulated chimney burns wood gases, greatly reducing smoke and increasing heat for cooking food. Small sticks are all you need to make a blazing hot flame.”

Be sure to see their Ten Design Principles of Wood Burning Stoves

Rocket Stove Oven
Rocket Stove Cob Oven
Rocket Stove with an Oven
Portable Rocket Stove Pizza Oven

3 thoughts on “Rocket Stove with Oven”

  1. I am really excited about the improvements people have been making on rocket stove ovens and thermal mass rocket stove heaters. All you need do is go to YouTube and do a search for rocket stoves and you will quickly see dozens of really great videos. With winter approaching, keeping warm and cooking efficiently is foremost on my mind.

  2. At first I read “Rocket stove with Owen” but it turned out to be oven. Just as good. And who does not need a pizza oven. That pie looked great too.


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