Romania Earthbag Dome JOY Project

JOY Project floorplan
Dear Kelly, dear Owen,

We are looking for someone with experience in building earthbag domes to instruct us in May. In autumn we stopped at almost ground level. Do you know someone in Europe? We pay expenses and salary at least for 2 weeks, maybe 4 weeks, depending on salary. Should be an English speaker. Building site is in Salicea, a small village, 12 km from Cluj (there is an airport).

JOY Project model
JOY Project model

Hope you have some recommendations. Thank you so much!

With best wishes and warmest regards,

JOY Project Salicea Facebook page
JOY Project Facebook page

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  1. hello, I am also interested in participate, I have experience in construction and I also want to get experience in this new echologic system.


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