Rooftop Gardens – Healthy Food for Cities — 6 Comments

  1. Great image! I love the rooftop garden movement. I think it is vital to show the landlords the benefits such as insulation and food for them. This will hopefully grow this trend in the US.

  2. hi,everyone.
    I`m in Taiwan, prepare to build an earthbag house.

    Can set rooftop gardens on top of flat roofed earthbag-building?
    How build flat roof for earthbag building?

    • A flat roof can be built on a vertical walled earthbag building. The roof would be created with strong wood, metal or concrete materials that can withstand the weight of such a garden. Such a roof should be carefully engineered.

  3. I love the idea of rooftop gardens! It’s such a good use of space especially when you’re limited in larger cities. New York City is taking advantage of both rooftops and barges. Thanks for the article!

  4. Don’t forget to check for pollution at roof level itself. Are there high levels of particulates from thousands of diesel engines below on gridlocked streets that make their way as far as the roof ? Is there similar pollution from chimneys at roof level ? It may be necessary to thoroughly wash roof-grown produce before consuming it ?

    • Some of the dust and particulates could be blocked with insect netting with greenhouse plastic on the very top. Or things could be grown entirely inside controlled greenhouses if conditions are really bad. Add a wash station on the roof or elsewhere to wash all produce. Deliver the produce direct to CSA members as soon as possible.

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