Sand Bag Fish Pond — 7 Comments

  1. Fish pond can be maintained easily, if you have got good sense to care about your fish EPDM Pond liner is very helping and Eco-friendly product.

  2. The filtration system which grows watercress was so successful in our pond that now we are building and aquaponics greenhouse next to it. This pond is very prolific in plant growing!

  3. I’ve been thinking about using this idea to build a constructed wetland. Lets greywater sit in the pond for 5 days while being oxygenated by plants, and use gravel to make sure there are no exposed water surfaces for mosquitoes. Then by putting a drain at the far end, use the cleaned up re-claimed sink/shower water to water the garden. Or send back to the house for toilet use,

  4. I’d love to read more about their filtration system… have you seen any designs that incorporate water storage/features in homes? We will be living in a very water challenged area and every drop of clean water is precious.

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