Sand Bag Fish Pond

The pond is lined with black plastic but the pond is supposed to look like a natural jungle pond (ideally a peaceful zen-like pond) which you might stumble upon while hiking in the jungle so the black plastic needs to be hidden. We found out after we had all the rocks in place that one … Read more

Building Your Own Earth Pond Most earthbag builders buy low cost subsoil and have it trucked to the building site. There are lots of advantages to buying soil, including having the soil dumped right where you need to save labor and speed construction. But what if you can’t get low cost subsoil or other suitable fill material? For instance, … Read more

Erik’s Swimming Pool to Pond Conversion

When Erik moved into his new house in Portland, Oregon he was faced by a sterile-looking commercial swimming pool that didn’t fit his aesthetics. He would rather have had a nice organic pond there instead. So Erik decided to convert the pool into a pond by re-contouring it with earthbags, and his results are quite … Read more