Start Some Good

Start Some Good is trying to raise money for an affordable earthbag project in Hungary. This fundraising campaign has ended unsuccessfully, but I’m including it here to show how people all over the world are seeking ways to build affordably and sustainably. The current system is broken, in my opinion. What can we do to turn this ship around?

“We are building Earthbag housing for people in Hungary that are in desperate need of proper housing. Families of 8 live here in houses without a roof and no floors! And an earthbag house costs around 1200 dollar here complete!

The Future We Are Creating
For families with low income in Hungary to have a home that’s 100 percent ECO and with low costs in maintenance. People here don’t have any money and work a whole day for 10 dollar to feed there kids in a mine. The houses are falling apart and I came here to help them! I do what ever I can to build the houses and there is no problem on knowledge, but funding is insufficient. So please support this project.

For now we are building for people in Dravatamasi, a small working village in Hungary. But if everything goes well we may expand. But only if finances will expand too.

How We Are Creating It
All we need to build a house are bags and barbed wire. The bags are filled with earth and on every row of bags there will be barbed wire. The wire is used as cement, the bags will thus interlock with each other. This is such a good construction that it will last for decades!

One new house costs around 1200 dollars. For the bags and the wire and some extra small materials. Frames and doors and other usable parts from the old homes will be re-used. Nothing usable will be wasted!”

Start Some Good

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