Superior Sandbag System

The Superior Sandbag System can place 250' of sandbag in 90 seconds with a two man crew.
The Superior Sandbag System can place 250′ of sandbag in 90 seconds with a two man crew.

Superior Sandbag Systems’ revolutionary, patented technology, creates and places on site, a high quality, seamless, tubular, continuous sandbag. Installation requires dramatically less manpower and time compared to labor-intensive traditional one-at-a-time sandbagging methods. With the ability to customize sizing, superior sandbag systems can be a cost and time saving fit for any application.

– Capable of placing 250′ of sandbag in a mere 90 seconds with a two man crew.
[Note: this rate is for narrower sandbags. Earthbags are wider and would take longer to fill.] Weight and continuous cell design resists and eliminates side blowouts — a big problem that severely limits the effectiveness of traditional sandbags. Automated system requires no manual lifting, reducing workers comp claims
– On-site placement eliminates “double trucking” associated with traditional sandbagging
– Requires no trenching
– Unlike traditional sandbags, Superior Sandbag Systems bag size consistency and uniformity finally guarantees that you get what you pay for
– Cylindrical bags allow for stacking sophisticated pyramidal configurations
– Weight of cell conforms to underlying terrain limiting leakage; extremely effective for full containment

Superior Sandbag System

Best mechanized earthbag systems at this time in my opinion:
Superior Sandbag System for non-stabilized fill
Concrete Pumps for stabilized fill
Good potential for Bobcat attachment

20 thoughts on “Superior Sandbag System”

    • Keep reading our blog and or buy my ebook. Earthbag walls filled with pure sand will slump and fall over. You need to stabilize the sand with clay, lime or cement.

  1. Hi This is Steve Villa from Superior Sandbag Systems. Thanks for your interest in our continuous sandbag system. I have filled continuous bag material up to 24″ lay flat width although for our application we typically use a 14 or 18″ wide tube. The bigger the bag width the shorter the bag length.

      • I have some 14 & 18″ wide rolls available. 6000/lf sold by roll only. $0.13 & $0.15/lf $780 and $900 per roll. FOB our facility in So Cal. Woven PP tube fabric, 850 denier, 1600 UVI white in color. Rolls are approx 250lbs in weight . I have shipped these rolls to builders all over the country.

        • What’s the difference between the 14″&18″wide roll??
          If I want to built a 8′ feet high wall which one wild u recommend?

          • The 18″ wide material will make a wall about 14″ thick, and I would recommend using this for your wall.

  2. Very impressive. I had been thinking about getting a hopper with an elephant snout pour and a fork lift to hoist the whole thing… but I stumbled on the turn screw needed in the hopper to keep the material flowing… that’s what the big box is on the lift is my guess. The bag feed is on the box too obviously. Very clever. Very interesting. Thanks for the post!

  3. I’ve been keeping an eye on this system for some time. It seems to have the best potential for large jobs. Now to just run a mechanical tamper over the tube between layers. How large of a diameter tube will this handle?

    • I just wrote the company about an hour ago asking about this. I’ll keep you posted. This has enormous potential like I said.

      Other notes:
      I’m guessing about three pneumatic tampers will be required to keep up with the big machines. Another worker is needed to help guide the tube into position. Positioning is much more critical on a home than retaining walls.

      Windows will slow things way down. Maybe keeping laying tubes and then cut out the openings and add window bucks later after the bond beam is done.


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