Slash Energy Bills with Window Quilts

Installing window quilts is one of the simplest, easiest ways to save on energy costs. It’s right up there with caulking, weather stripping and adding extra roof insulation in terms of rapid payback. Window quilts would probably pay for themselves in just one or two seasons. With something so simple and obvious you’d think more people would use them, especially those in cold climates. You save energy and improve comfort by greatly reducing drafts. As pointed out in the video, window quilts are especially practical in passive solar homes that have more windows than typical homes.

I’m not promoting any particular brand. It’s the concept that’s important. You could even make your own window quilts. Fabric stores sometimes sell window quilt material. A client of mine is thinking of sewing quilts with recycled ground styrofoam, foam peanut packaging or bubble wrap insulation, possibly with Velcro around the edges. Use rot resistant fabric for durability and make sure the edges are sealed. Use a design that’s easy to put in place so you don’t grow weary of installing the quilts every day.

Simply adhering plastic film or bubble wrap might be more practical for some. Here’s an experiment from (great site) that shows how bubble wrap on windows can reduce heat loss by about 45%.


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