Earthen Acres: Moving In!

Danielle Acres is finishing up her cob house and moving in. I highly recommend taking a look at her blog. It’s totally packed with quality color photos and building ideas. Plus, she’s a real sweetie. (I can say that and not get slapped around because I’m old enough to be her great granddad.) One of … Read more

Will Natural Building Readily Take Off?

Here’s a response I made to a reader over on the Mother Earth News Blog who said “This type of building for people is not going to readily take off.” Owen: It’s all a matter of perspective, because over 1/3 (some estimate ½) of the houses in the world fall into this category! This includes … Read more

Sustainable Building

Sometimes we’re in a hurry and don’t always take time to think carefully about what we’re reading. This post links key sustainable building concepts to Wikipedia to facilitate further research. There have been lots of articles lately on sustainable building, also called green building and natural building, but what is it really? Sustainable building is … Read more