Building Blocks at a Fraction of a Penny Each

Harvey Lacey’s Ubuntu-Blox block building machine was featured in seventh place in yesterday’s blog post on Top 10 Cottage Industry Products. Today’s blog post shows how his block making process has shifted to using extremely low cost materials – vetiver roots, the waste material from making vetiver oil. The end result is similar to straw bales except the bales are smaller, lighter, more insect resistant and they’re made on site with waste materials. The mini bales are less expensive than ordinary straw bales, take up less space and can be made without an expensive baling machine. His open source plans make it easy for anyone to build his machine quite easily.

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Amazing Ubuntu Blox Seismic Test

This is a must see video if you need an exceptionally strong design for earthquake zones. I almost jumped out of my chair as the house started shaking back and forth. I think this house just made history. I don’t know of many materials that have so much flex and strength. This is extremely impressive. … Read more

Recycled Plastic Block Houses

Here’s another great low cost building option for areas such as Haiti. These plastic blocks can be used for interior or exterior walls. December 15, 2010 was a big day for Harvey Lacey, the maker of a hand operated press that turns plastic trash into building blocks. That was the day Harvey made his first … Read more