Bhaskar Save, the Gandhi of Natural Farming

“Bhaskar Save – the acclaimed ‘Gandhi of Natural Farming’ – completes 92 years. He has inspired and mentored 3 generations of organic farmers. In 1997, Masanobu Fukuoka, the legendary Japanese natural farmer, visited Save’s farm. He described it as “the best in the world”, even better than his own farm.

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No Work Zero Budget Natural Farming

Millions of farmers in India (the video says hundreds of thousands) have already stopped using chemicals and GMO crops and have switched to natural farming methods. The movement is growing rapidly. One state in India, Sikkim, has gone 100% organic. They’re starting to kick Monsanto’s butt and the petro-chemical industry’s butt.

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My Father’s Garden — Documentary

“We are rapidly losing the natural resources and human wisdom that are necessary to grow food.

My Father’s Garden is an engrossing, emotionally charged documentary about the use and misuse of technology on the American farm. In less than fifty years the face of agriculture has been utterly transformed by synthetic chemicals, whose power to control the forces of nature is rivaled only by that of the atom bomb. These chemicals have also changed the farmers who have used them. This film tells the story of two such lives, different in all details, yet united by their common goal of producing good food.

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