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  1. Is there any one have idea about roadzyme because i would like to working on stabilization of expansive soil with roadzyme.
    Roadzyme is ok or not for soil stabilization can anyone give help me to find out some articles and research papers on it

    • Dorzin, Roadzyme – a new generation of enzyme preparation, characterized by a very low surface tension, being an excellent plasticizer, reducing the amount of firmly bound water in the soil, reducing the absolute optimum moisture by 0.5-2%, and as a result increasing the building density of the soil by 10-15 %
      …from a Google search

  2. May you kindly send me a price guide or price list for the Terranyme in 20 litre containers. I live in Harare Zimbabwe and am into road construction. I am interested in becoming a local distributor of your product.


    • Alfred,
      I know there are other products that you might be looking into but, I recommend on of the best products in the world today for what application you are looking for it’s called PERMAZYME. Permazyme is a recognized leader in the field of soil stabilization. In addition to roadways, there are many other uses of Permazyme including, lining ponds, building and storage pads, livestock areas, natural earth blocks and homes, waste disposal sites, runways and erosion control. The possible uses for Permazyme are endless. Permazyme will benefit absolutely any place that requires the soil stabilization. If interested please contact me at my email address where you’ll be buying direct from the factory.

    • Contact the company for distributors in Canada. Or just search Permazyme Canada.

      Also realize there are numerous similar products.

  3. we require to manufacture compressed earth blocks namely bricks. size 22cm x 12cm x 6 cm . please let me know the best and the cheapest enzyme and the address where i can obtain samples. as we are from sri lanka it would be advantageous if it is in asia.

  4. Someone please refer me to any manufacturer/supplier of such products or similar technology products in South Africa/Namibia. I’m a student and I want to do my thesis on this.

  5. Hi Owen,
    I have been using permazyme on the airstrips in the Okavango for the last at least ten years, it has become horrendously expensive and makes up at least 25% of the cost of a rebuild. I am keen to explore an alternative, can you assist us?

  6. I would like to get a copy of the world back study on terra zyme I have used perma zyme I’m very interested in trying the terra zyme

  7. i would like to know witch is better permazyme or Terrazyme
    i have used permazyme works good can you please send me some info in it please thank you

  8. What if these enzymes are introduced in excess amount to the soil. Has anyone done any tests on the effects of enzyme overdose on soil?

  9. Hello:

    There are many enzymes products in the market like; EMC Squared, Permazyme, Endurazyme, Paczyme, Earthzyme, RoadTech, UBIX, ECOroads, EcoMax/Nrzyma, Zym-Tec, Terrazyme, PX300, EnzymeRoads, Corchem 5510, Roadzyme, PaveZyme, EcoTerra, and others. All contain similar substances.

    I´m divulging the information below purely for humanitarian, altruistic reasons and a dream, that maybe a day,
    people in developing countries can stabilize the soil of the roads, earth blocks, earthbags without having
    to pay for trademarks and/or expensive hydraulic cements.

    The enzymes for soil stabilization are made from fermenting sugar in a process similar to beer brewing, but the process continues until everything is fermented (Mihai O. M.; Ray H.; Timothy R. C.; Velasquez, R. A.. Preliminary laboratory investigation of enzyme solutions as a soil stabilizer. Final Report. Minnesota Department of Transportation, Research Services Section / University of Minnesota Department of Civil Engineering, Minneapolis, MN, 2005.

    We can see information that the enzyme from PermaZyme lnternational Enzymes (and similar) are made from water, molasses, malt, yeast, sugar and non-ionic surfactant (Engineering Field Notes, volume 26, may-june 1993, United States Department of Agriculture. Dust Abatement Product Comparisons in Northern Region, figure 01, pag 27).

    How to produce these enzymes: In a bioreator add warm water and agitate slowly. After add molasses and more warm water. Next add a dissolved mixture of urea and magnesium sulfate. After add a specific type of yeast (a strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae ) and wait some days. The next step is to separate the materials adding aluminum sulfate and others substances and finally filter the ferment in a filter. We need check the ph and temperature continuously because it is a fermenting process. Observe that this is only a summary of the process where these and others steps/substances are needed.

    We can´t forgot that enzymes react with the organic matter in the soil; the substances formed help in formation of the bonds between points of the the crystalline structure of the clayey materials, stabilizing the soil mass. Thus soils need to contain some organic material like decayed material.
    — O —

  10. I am involved in building and revamping gravel / dirt roads on various farms in South Africa. These roads are used regularly by heavy trucks, tractors and even cattle, which has resulted in constant grading and upkeep. The fact that these are farm roads means that the budgets are considerable lower which have been apportioned to these areas. This makes laying the conventional Asphalt roads not a viable option. The terrain also presents challenges to our road building equipment.

    I have read up on your product called Permazyme it appears to be a solution to many of these problems currently being experienced throughout Africa.

    I would like to try out a couple of sections with Perma-zyme, do you have a contact in Africa who I can contact, or would I have to purchase the product directly from you?

    I look forward to your reply.

    • You’ll have to contact the companies directly. We list several companies on our blog that provide soil stabilizers. (Search keywords soil stabilizer.) Ask for a sample and do soil tests. It only works on certain types of soil.

    • Andrew,
      If you are still interested in Permazume we work directly with the factory in USA. We have done many projects in So. Africa and around the world. If you like let me know how we can help you in obtaining this product at a reasonable price via email. Thank you!

  11. Hi Owen,

    It’s a good thing that lots of eco-friendly soil stabilizers are now coming out of the market just like the product, DustOut, made from 100% organic ingredients. There’s lots of info on their site explaining how DustOut effectively reduces dust generation and contribute to environment conservation. People nowadays are more into green companies and their green products. Don’t you just agree?

    • Search for sugar cane research centers and talk to scientists who work in this area. They try to utilize everything efficiently. We bought some rich, black, sugar cane compost and some molasses with beneficial micro-organisms for our garden.

  12. I’m too interested with this technology (TerraZyme® Soil Stabilization) i’m student and i would like to do my thesis on this topic. if u can please reccomend me .thanks

    • That’s very possible. Many things like this could be figured out and made at lower cost. But you have to decide how much time and effort it’s worth. Is it something you’re going to use all the time? Maybe create a small business because you see lots of potential? Do you have a knack for this sort of thing?

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