Building with Jumbo Straw Bales

The Holiday Apartments
The Holiday Apartments

“The Holiday Apartments Straw House – farm Holiday
The strawbale house was constructed with jumbo strawbales allowing superb insulation and a healthy, very comfortable atmosphere. The appartements have been arranged with all natural materials such as wooden furniture, terracotta-flooring and clay walls. The room atmosphere is magnificent, and is enhanced by large windows, light colours and decoration. The appartements are ideal for families, friends or a couple wanting to spread out. An little fireplace makes evenings in the mountainous surrounding cosy and warm.

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$7.50/sq. ft. Straw Bale Home

Stephen and Nena MacDonald’s post and beam strawbale house in Gila, New Mexico that was built in 1988-1989. The initial shell was $5/sq. ft. and the finished cost was between $7-$8/sq. ft. – “Build our house out of straw?” When our neighbor suggested the idea as a solution to our housing problem, both my … Read more