2-story Roundhouse above Survival Shelter

Some people dream of buying a remote getaway as a place to escape to if/when there’s a breakdown in society. Here’s an alternative for those who can’t or don’t want to move and develop a remote site: build an earthbag survival shelter and put a house on top to conceal it. (I’d build with 18″-24″ … Read more

Triple Dome Survival Shelter

This Triple Dome Survival Shelter provides much more space than my first earthbag survival shelter. This 915 sq. ft. shelter is for long term survival for a family. It is earthquake and fire resistant, bullet and nuclear fallout resistant. This earth sheltered design is built above grade to reduce risk of flooding. Features include buried … Read more

Earthbag Survival Shelter

This 20’ DIA (314 sq. ft. interior plus pantry)round earthbag shelter for up to 4-5 individuals is designed for survival through disasters, plague, etc. It is low cost, durable and practical. This shelter is designed for DIYers on a tight budget who will do most everything by hand. Instructions include numerous key details not evident … Read more