Triple Dome Survival Shelter — 7 Comments

  1. Partial domes? Interesting! I’d not have thought of building a partial corbelled dome up against the side of the full domes (I was thinking more along the lines of a shed type roof), but that is a great idea! It could be a little complicated, practically speaking, building with all those different centers and radii at once (I’m picturing multiple compasses in use simultaneously), but I’m sure it could be worked out.


  2. I really like this design. I’ve generally shied away from corbelled domes for silly aesthetic reasons – basically, I don’t care for the way they look from the outside, so I end up thinking in terms of roundhouses, typically with reciprocal frame roofs (which I like a lot). Because of concerns about the safety of using earthbags in an earth sheltered structure, I had not thought about doing something like this. It seems to me that earth sheltering, though, would be an application in which a dome would excel where a circular vertical wall might not – round is sound, and corbeled domes are round (or at least curved) in two dimensions.


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