Teams of Three

Working in teams of three to build earthbag structures is often the most efficient. You could use fewer or more workers per team, but three seems like the most efficient in most cases.

Worker #1: Filling buckets, moistening and mixing soil
Worker #2: Carrying buckets of soil from worker #1 to worker #3
Worker #3: Filling and placing earthbags

Rotate jobs to break the monotony. This also gives you a break because you’re using different muscles. Everyone can pitch in to tamp bags and roll out barbed wire. Two or more teams will greatly speed the work.

1 thought on “Teams of Three”

  1. Um…

    You forgot one.

    The surly woman in the combat boots keeping time, by standing firm, “overlooking all she can survey” as Winkin, Blinkin and Nod toil away, trying to avoid her steely gaze…

    Oh wait, that’s MY builds! :)

    You are exactly right. And repetition increases quality control. A well-oiled Crew quickly sync’s in with each other and then the productivity soars!

    And it beats the heck out of pounding dirt into old used tires with a sledge hammer… ;)

    (Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt… and the blisters.)



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