Ten Gabion Projects

Gabions are wire cages filled with stones and they can used to create walls and many other projects, as the graphic shown below illustrates. We have featured the use of gabions in other blog posts, such as DYI Gabion Walls, Gabion Band Stone Construction, Gabion Beams for Earthquake Resilience

This graphic is courtesy of www.wirefence.co.uk

5 thoughts on “Ten Gabion Projects”

    • I am new to the natural building. I think that will be great, thinking of rubble trench foundation, as long as we can have a way to secure them well so they won’t move.
      This is just a suggestion. Please feel free to comment.

      • Generally a rubble trench foundation doesn’t need the confinement of gabions because the surrounding soil provides that role. In areas where the surrounding soil is libel to erode, then gabions would be a good idea.


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