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The difference in quality between consumer grade tools the public typically buys and contractor tools is astounding. The tools I’ve bought from contractor supply outlets have stood up to daily use for many years. Some never break or experience any problems. On the other hand, ordinary tools from building supply centers can break or wear out in five minutes, leaving you with a rather disgusted feeling. When this happens you realize you’ve wasted money and you feel bad because you knew better but didn’t take heed. Just to be clear, this is not to say that you need professional quality tools for everything. I’m just encouraging readers to buy rugged tools when appropriate. For instance, I wouldn’t skimp on shovels since they’re going to be used a lot throughout the project, and the added cost to buy a really good shovel isn’t that great. Other tools like a 4’ level, hammer and tape measure could be medium quality if you’re just building one structure. Buyer beware: shop and compare. Tool quality is often being sacrificed to keep costs low and boost sales. This can be a false economy if you end up buying everything again when they break.

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Earthbag sliders

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