Tests Confirm Anomalous Heat Production in Rossi’s E-Cat

Breaking news: independent scientists confirm performance of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat
Breaking news: independent scientists confirm performance of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat

Here’s the biggest LENR/cold fusion news in at least the last few years. A team of independent scientists have confirmed anomalous heat production from Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat reactor. I’ve already spent around 1,500-2,000 hours following this story because I’m convinced LENR technology is real and practical. Rossi is now racing to commercialize his reactors and soon this story is going to burst into the spotlight.

There’s also lots of related news such as the Swedish power consortium investing in this technology, leaked photos, NASA and US Navy cold fusion research and patents (while the US patent office denies patents for average inventors by saying it’s not real), and lots of published journal reports on closely related technologies (nanotechnology, superconductivity, quantum mechanics, etc.) that help validate the underlying science.

“A group of Italian and Swedish scientists from Bologna and Uppsala universities have just published their report on two tests lasting 96 and 116 hours, confirming an anomalous heat production in the energy device known as the E-Cat, developed by the Italian inventor Andrea Rossi.

The report is available for download here and on Arxiv.org.

I have earlier reported extensively on the E-Cat in the Swedish technology magazine Ny Teknik, but since more than a year very little new verified information have been available. This looks different.

The conclusion of the report is that the heat production is orders of magnitude beyond any conventional chemical energy source, beaten only by nuclear based power sources. Yet the scientists have systematically made conservative assumptions in order to base the result on a worst case scenario.

“Even by the most conservative assumptions as to errors in the measurements, the result is still one order of magnitude greater than conventional energy sources.”

In the tests, about 5.6 and 2.6 times the input energy was produced respectively (COP). An hypothesis for the lower value in the second test is that it might be explained by a lower working temperature, on average 302 °C against 438 °C in the first run.”

Read more at Mats Lewan blog

Check out E-Cat World forum for fascinating discussion about this world changing discovery.

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16 thoughts on “Tests Confirm Anomalous Heat Production in Rossi’s E-Cat”

  1. Just want to repeat what I have postedon other threads around the net, and that is that the most often cited reason for disblieving LENR reports is that it is impossible to have fusion without high temperatures and pressures and with low gamma.

    But the muon-catalyzed fusion process does exactly these things.

    So it is simply enirely 100% WRONG to say that fusion cannot occur at room temperatures and normal pressures and little gamma given. It is a LIE.

  2. To give a better idea how much extra power and energy density is involved in comparison to conventional fuel sources, here’s a Ragone chart to look at:
    (Credit: Forbes Magazine)
    Note the large red dot that represents the E-Cat output. Plutonium and the E-Cat output are so far off the chart that they were not shown on the chart in the original report!

    Also note, Rossi’s report is still holding up to scientific scrutiny. I’m sure more heavy hitters will weigh in with their comments before long.

  3. Swedish Energy R&D Organization Elforsk Fund Study of E-Cat [Updated]

    A Swedish energy organization is investing in this technology. They funded the report described in my blog post. And supposedly they’re funding the 6-month E-Cat study this summer. This is the sort of thing that keeps me engaged with the E-Cat project. Hard evidence like this shows it’s valid and practical. Multiply this times hundreds of other pieces of convincing evidence and then you’ll understand why I’m excited.

  4. Mainstream publications are starting to run the story. See Oil Price.com (oil and energy trade journal)

    Extreme Tech.com http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/156393-cold-fusion-reactor-independently-verified-has-10000-times-the-energy-density-of-gas

    Rossi E-Cat HT shows excess heat from H gas + Ni powder making Cu over days, three cautious multiday runs: Rich Murray
    ” So far, three days of vigorous discussions on several Net forums have not found any of the usual flaws…
    If new unknown nuclear physics exists, capable in small devices of melting steel in runaway thermal excursions, governments have a mandate to ensure that the physics is immediately studied in a crash program to assess the implications for national security and profound rapid human progress.”

    Phys.org http://phys.org/news/2013-05-rossi-e-cat-energy-density-higher.html

    Wired UK http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2013-05/24/cold-fusion-research

    Good, non-technical summary: Are Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Devices Real? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JkYKd3Ipwz64ZuHzbdSdayk26VxOcQIo4K8E3t1Fmqs/edit#heading=h.gjdgxs

    Free Energy Confirmed: Cornell University Validated Rossi’s Cold Fusion Machine

    I’m getting caught up on the reviews. So far Rossi’s report has withstood scrutiny very well. No major flaws found so far.

  5. See our report at http://pesn.com/2013/05/20/9602320_VINDICATION–3rd-Party-E-Cat_Test-Results-show-at-least-10x-gain/

    Third-Party E-Cat Test Results Show at Least 10x Gain
    The debate about whether or not Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology really works are put to rest with a definitive, third-party test report having been released today stating that at the most conservative, the Hot-Cat technology showed at least a ten-fold increase in power over what could possibly have been ascribed to any presently-known chemical process.

    • What a great day, Stirling. I agree with Jed Rothwell of LENR-CANR.org library who said “This is one of the most important papers in the history of the field.” I look forward to reading your report.

    • It’s with great joy that I delete a comment by one of the most infamous trolls on the Internet. It’s people like you who have delayed LENR progress for 22 years. Get a life.

  6. How long before the oil companies step in and try to screw things up and let’s not forget the electic companies who burn the coal or use oil to make that electricity.

    • You’re right. The battle is not won yet. Here’s my opinion for what’s it’s worth. Rossi had to make some concessions so he could continue his work. One concession was selling the first reactors to the US military. The other concession was partnering with a major US corporation (no doubt controlled by globalists like virtually all major corporations and banks). This major corporation provides industrial heat and also power I believe. So Rossi’s reactors are going into commercial plants, probably as replacement heaters to upgrade current systems. It could be many years until this technology is made available for home use. But this isn’t Rossi’s fault. The powers that be won’t provide the safety certificates for home use and so he’s doing the best he can. Sooner or later the inner secrets will be leaked or figured out by others and then the market will be flooded with low cost knock-offs for home use.

  7. Here are some interviews with Professor Guiseppe Levi, the lead author.

    Here’s a TED Talk by Professor Sergio Focardi who’s been working closely with Rossi. Focardi and Rossi are prime candidates for Nobel prizes in physics.
    (English translation provided below the video.)

  8. Owen said, “I have to say it’s the most exciting story I’ve ever read. “





    You might want to edit that line before your girl mentions whatever love letters she sent you.

    Just trying to help.

    • It’s too late. This breaking story is now mirrored on countless websites.

      No, seriously, I’m just beside myself with excitement. I’ve had to really restrain myself from publishing lots more LENR stories. This is a natural housing blog, not a new energy blog, so I can’t go overboard. That’s why I’ve tried to limit blog posts about this to every 9-12 months or so.

      But the stories keep rolling in. The European Union energy department is having a meeting soon with top LENR scientists. More and more journals are publishing LENR stories with the slant ‘this could be real’ instead of blindly denouncing it as in the past. (I believe they know the roll-out date is approaching and so they’re covering their hind ends so they don’t come across as denialists.)

      I really have to hand it to Rossi. Everything he’s done so far has been ingenious. Not just his reactor designs, but also how he’s gradually unveiled what’s going on. Make the information too public too fast (ex: 100% confirmation two years ago) and he might have met an untimely end like so many other alternative energy inventors. He’s played a superb game of cat and mouse that’s gained him at least two years over the competition. Up till now many competitors were probably wondering if he really has what he says. With this report by independent scientists, the cat is out of the bag and now there’s little to no doubt. He’s also surrounded himself with credible scientists, none of which have cried foul. This speaks volumes about his credibility. But — sigh — the masses are still not aware or paying attention. One of the greatest discoveries of all time is entering the marketplace and most don’t care or realize what’s going on.

  9. My hunch is this report was timed to coincide with the recent shipment of completed units to Rossi’s US partner, where the reactors will be used in an industrial setting. The US patent office can only stall the inevitable so long, and so I believe this next year will be extremely exciting.

    And for those who are not following this story, all I can say is it’s 100% real and I hope readers get engaged and tuned in to what’s coming down the pike. I have to say it’s the most exciting story I’ve ever read. It’s fascinating to see how corrupt governments and corporations try every trick in the book to stop this sort of thing… but in the end they will fail as Gandhi famously said.


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