The Earthbuilder’s Encyclopedia CD

Even though the Earthbuilder’s Encyclopedia CD covers adobe and rammed earth construction, earthbag builders will find lots of useful information. Lintels, bond beams, plasters, mixing, site preparation, attaching things to walls, design issues, etc. are all relevant since there’s so much in common. The CD is a compilation of years of Adobe Builder Magazine articles, which is unfortunately now out of print. Investing in practical knowledge like the Earthbuilder’s CD, Mother Earth News magazine, The Owner Builder Magazine and my Earthbag Building Guide will almost certainly save you money in the long run and improve the design of your home.

From The orginal Earthbuilders Encyclopedia (EECD) was published in 1989. It has been updated and expanded and the readers love it! From ADOBE to ZOQUETTE, there’s over 300 pages.

This new Earthbuilders’ Encyclopedia is on CD-ROM. It’s bundled with a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader®. This slick program is the industry standard for presenting technical manuals and allows us to offer mucho más information! We’ve got color photos, new in-depth expanded entries, along with those classic line drawings – all in an user-friendly format.

How does it work? It’s easy – click your way through a clear hierarchical index, or pan and zoom through the pages. Jump around the Encyclopedia via convenient links and cross-references. If you need a hard copy, just print it out.

Plus, there’s an access section so you can instantly email the best and brightest in the business. To inspire you even more, we’ve added a full-color gallery of the best adobe and rammed earth homes out there.
You can order the CD here:
[Note: we make nothing from the sale of this CD, in case you’re wondering. Just trying to be helpful. And by the way, they have great workshops. I attended an adobe dome workshop back in 2002 or so and was very impressed.]

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