New Earthbag Building Video: Pre-release Announcement

Basic Earthbag Building: A Step-by-Step Guide will be available soon. (click to enlarge)
Basic Earthbag Building: A Step-by-Step Guide will be available soon. (click to enlarge)

After months of delays due to technical glitches, my new Basic Earthbag Building video will soon be available through Amazon. Special thanks to Kelly Hart, co-developer of this blog and, for making the cover and steering the project through the final difficult stage.

The first part of Basic Earthbag Building provides clear, simple explanations of each step of construction, and includes full coverage of the tools and supplies needed to complete any sized project. The second part documents the construction of a cool pantry, which uses the same basic steps as most any other earthbag structure. Watching the construction of an actual project is key to understanding the whole process, and will enable you to see how all the steps and parts go together. As a bonus, there are some extra scenes that include Building an Earthbag Dome, an animated Enviro Dome Fly-through and a tour of a Finished Earthbag Roundhouse. Popcorn NOT included.

The Basic Earthbag Building video is designed to accompany my Earthbag Building Guide. The book and video combined cover virtually everything you need to know to build your own earthbag home.

Release date details: It will take up to 2 weeks for Amazon to review the DVD and artwork to make sure it is up to their specs. Once they make a trial copy of the finished program in its packaging, they will send it so we can confirm that it is OK.

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