The Hobbit: Floor Plan of Bag End — 14 Comments

  1. How much would it cost to build something like bagend but not so big??? Or I guess it would be simpler to answer how much it would cost to build bagend.

    • We always advise to start small with one simple project — maybe a tool shed, one room cabin, etc. so you can learn the necessary skills with low risk.

      It would take a large crew and tons of money to build Bag End as shown in the drawing… That’s just a fantasy plan, not reality.

      • Why not.. after four years in the Marines .. I filled a couple sand bags in Vietnam.
        realistically… I have built conventional house . erected Steel buildings. and ran the crew. worked for the general contractor doing site plan engineering, worked all the reactions for foundations and live dead weights. … I am flipping the farm I live on and will find the land here in Michigan. The barn for my horses and all will be off I am a 100 % service connected vet ..(PTSD) so why not where can I et the ful plans for Bag End. with elevations of rooms thank you

  2. In the movie, in the right of the entrance hall, from outside, you can see 2 windows, but in this plan you can only see one, belonging to the spare room.

  3. I had no idea this house was so large and complex. As usual, we always recommend starting with something small like a tool shed or guest house to develop your skills. There’s a learning curve to everything. Also note, vault designs like this will require additional concrete and rebar if you use earthbags.

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