The Mudroom Entry


This is what the mudroom entry looks like today. It is totally enclosed and functional, but there are still some refinements to accomplish, like making steps to the front door. Those doors were a pair of recycled French doors that I got for free. This room is not insulated. The siding is the same rough-sawn board and batt style that will be used on most of the walls of the barn/garage. It is not very high so that it will be on the same level as the interior floor of the house and still be under the eave of the house roof; rain will drain down one roof onto the other. Eventually I will do rock work around the base to keep varmints from sheltering there.

3 thoughts on “The Mudroom Entry”

  1. Looking great.

    I do have one observation.

    I’m not a fan of cramped crawl spaces. If at all possible, I prefer a crawl space that can actually be crawled into for maintenance tasks without dragging your face in the dirt.

    However, I also recognize that Kelly didn’t really have much of a choice in this instance. The floor heights in the existing house determined the floor height for the new mud room.

    My point is that if someone has the chance, build a crawl space that is easily accessible, even if you don’t plan on having any mechanical systems underneath that need maintenance. They can be great storage space if nothing else.

    Kelly built this one the best he could given his situation, though. A nice job it appears he did of it, too.

    I might have poured a footing for the stairs at the same time the rest of the footings were poured, but now I’m getting nit-picky.

  2. Nice going Kelly. A bit different than Lake Chapala. I was in Texas when you were beginning to return to the states. Looks great. Is that an operational well hand pump or is it just placed there momentarily?

    Here’s a link to some pictures of our barn/home/headquarters that I worked on for over two years to restore. There were other projects on the property as well and still more to come once other pieces fall in place. Not everything we’re up to is mentioned on the site.

    Onwards we travel on soil anchored in a changing environment…


    • I think what you are referring to is a piece of ceramic art brought all the way north from Lake Chapala. There is a frostless water hydrant just out of the picture down by the chicken coop.

      Wow! That’s a great old barn you have restored.


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