The Natural Building Companion

The Natural Building Companion: A Comprehensive Guide to Integrative Design and Construction (free at link below)
The Natural Building Companion: A Comprehensive Guide to Integrative Design and Construction (free at link below)

“A State-of-the-Art Resource for Natural Builders that is a part of The Yestermorrow Design/Build Library and includes an instructional DVD.

Natural buildings not only bring satisfaction to their makers and joy to their occupants, they also leave the gentlest footprint on the environment. In this complete reference to natural building philosophy, design, and technique, Jacob Deva Racusin and Ace McArleton walk builders through planning and construction, offering step-by-step instructions on:

– siting and site analysis
– choosing materials
– integrating basic structural considerations into a design
– strategies for heating/cooling efficiency and moisture management
– planning for acoustics
– developing an integrative design
– navigating budgeting, code compliance, and project management
– creating the foundation, wall system, roof, and floors
– selecting and making plasters and paints
– evaluating options for mechanical and utility systems
– protecting against fire and insects
– integrating structures within landscape, climate, and human communities

…and more. Applicable to building in climates that are cold and wet, hot and dry, or somewhere in-between, The Natural Building Companion provides the tools necessary to understand basic principles of building science, including structural and thermal engineering, and hydrodynamics.

This guide offers thorough, up-to-date, and advanced installation details and performance characteristics of straw-bale, straw-clay, woodchip-clay, and cellulose wall systems, as well as earthen and stone wall systems and a variety of framing, roofing, flooring, mechanical system, and finishing options. This fully-illustrated volume informs professionals making the transition from conventional building, homeowners embarking on their own construction, or green builders who want comprehensive guidance on natural-building options.”

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  1. A very nice book as I paged threw it online, yet I could not find the link to download a free copy. Both sites are chock full of information and eye candy as well as a huge library of information……I got lost in this many times….perhaps a straightforward link to download…but, like a roaming through a dictionary to find one word, you end up learning a lot.


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