The Pallet Pal — 11 Comments

  1. Wishing there were written instructions as well. Being new to building stuff it would have been very helpful. But I think it will work well

  2. glenna:

    Make a prototype out of cardboard and other scraps laying around. That may be very helpful.

    Play around with it until you have it right. Then if you need to explain it to someone else, you have a crude one to show them.

    In my opinion, this is a tool that just about anyone should be able to build easily.

  3. Got the plans. Was wishing there were written directions to go along with them. I’m not real good at explaining to someone the steps. Telling him to cut some board in half, length ways, to cut angles off the end of two of the boards and put bolts through some of the boards did not make a lot of sense to the man. And he has no computer system to watch the u-tube.

  4. that’s really cool however my dad has an old metal miners pick ax that i think would work similar. he also has an old tool for removing hard wood floors from a house that i wonder if it would work as well. though i love this guys use of bungee cord.

  5. Izzy not only uses salvaged wood, but he makes his own wood stains.

    Those old school techniques not only save money, but avoid the really nasty toxic chemicals found in modern wood finishes.

    Oh… and the Pallet Pal is so effective even little girls can use it.

    The beauty of that design is that you can use your FEET to put your weight into the lever. Every other design I have seen just tries to make a long lever for arm action.

    Pallet Pal is now the design to beat when it comes to tools for dismantling pallets, and it’s the cheapest tool out there too. Great design.

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