The Pallet Pal

Search our site for one of the largest collections of information on building with pallets. This simple tool that you can build yourself for free makes it a breeze to disassemble pallets.

“The Pallet Pal – Re-claiming Pallets Made Easy! This is the easiest way to take apart pallets with very little damage to the wood! Very simple to use and almost any one can build it. No expensive hammers or pry bars needed. Homemade tool for dissembling pallet wood!”

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Pallet Craft

Definition: Pallet-craft is reusing wood from shipping crates or pallets to make furniture, shelving, toys, decks, planters, sheds, animal pens, compost bins, ceilings, accent walls (wall cladding), benches and other useful items. Pallet craft can be as simple as making a bird house or an entire custom home out of (typically) free salvaged pallets. The … Read more

Pallet Furniture

This is a continuation of the previous blog post on recycled wood. A reader left a comment about the door they built from pallets and so I thought a post about pallet furniture would be interesting. Many don’t realize how countless thousands of pallets are discarded every day. Some pallets are made with strong wood … Read more