The Pantry/Root Cellar — 6 Comments

  1. Seems as if a pantry/root cellar would be an ideal room to include lots of built in shelves by spanning poles or scrap lumber across in front of walls between bag layers.

    Those same shelves can also serve as scaffolding as the structure is built, depending upon how high the ceilings might end up and whether or not scaffolding is even required.

  2. You’re not concerned about them ever collapsing outward because you expect the pressure from the backfill to hold them in place? i don’t know if I’d have the guts to build a literal sandbag celler without even barb wire. What are you going to do for the roof? I look forward to more as you progress. Thanks for the post!

    • There is no way they can fall outward because they are firmly supported by the surrounding soil, and there no impulse to collapse inward with the substantial incline outward. The roof will be a shed roof framed with wood that is attached to the barn.

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