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  1. This concept is worthy of adding to your list of “Cottage Industries” blog post.

    Most individuals that are thinking of constructing their own home will already have many, if not all the tools they need to at least get started.

    Good vehicle for hauling.
    Good trailer.
    Hand tools.

    An enterprising individual can make money several different ways.

    1. A home owner may hire you to clean up their property after a storm downs a tree.
    2. Sawing the best wood into lumber for personal use or resale.
    3. Cutting the offcut slabs and the medium sized branches into firewood for personal use or resale.
    4. Running the small branches through a woodchipper to make it into mulch for resale.

    An individual can make even more money if they buy or BUILD their own sawmill so they don’t have to hire a sawyer. YouTube has a multitude of very interesting designs.

    5. Don’t forget to collect the sawdust. Those that use sawdust composing toilets will probably be willing to pay to have some delivered, and it also makes great homemade potting soil base.

    There is no part of a tree that needs to go to waste. Everything is useful. The trick is to find the people that need each different portion of the tree and fill their need.

      • Where does, “Mass Producing Cottages” rank in your Top 10 “Cottage Industry” list?
        (Bada Boom Crash!)

        Thanks everybody. Drive home safely. Tip the waitstaff.

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