The Watchman Stove — 5 Comments

  1. Very similar to the coal pots that we cook with in the villages in Ghana. The top portion is what is used here. I like the side wood chute element with the closed in bottom; it’s a good conservation design. I might take a picture of this and share it with my local welder – I’m sure they can replicate it.

    • Watch the video about how to assemble the kit. It’s very detailed. They show every step. And also compare to the other link that shows a similar but simpler design. Any metal shop can make this type of stove.

      • Thanks! I’ll check it out tonight (no YouTube access at work)!

        Side note: I’m starting the fence on my half-acre property this week! We got the trees cleared off last weekend (I’ve got the blisters to prove it); most were far too small and the teak variety didn’t lend much to shade, only 40+ years for timber, which I’m not interested in. Once I get my layout organized, I’ll work on planting some shade and fruit trees; the rainy season is just a few weeks away!

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