Tiny House Hotel Near Zion National Park

Sam and Lily built a Tiny House and put it on some property outside of Zion National Park, but then after seeing so much interest, they decided to start a unique Tiny House hotel called Zions Tiny Oasis. Now they have three Tiny Houses on the property for rent with more on the way.

You can watch the video about all of this at www.youtube.com

2 thoughts on “Tiny House Hotel Near Zion National Park”

  1. At the end of your video you said you want a earthshilp please look into pumice crete homes
    They have pumice in Malad city ID hess pumice much better faster and cheaper than building with toxic waste tires
    For more info email me at pescaderoray@gmail

    • Hello Ray,
      I don’t know much about Pumice, but in preliminary research what I’ve seen mentioned is there may be a potential risk of out-gassing of radon into the home; what are your thoughts on that? Thanks.


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