Tire Shingles — 4 Comments

  1. Generally, I would steer away from anything based in petroleum (pun intended) for recycled roofing, particularly if you ever wanted to capture rain off that roof. Plastic is one thing, but I would be concerned that tire rubber would be just as capable as asphalt at tainting rain water. And in the summer, the black rubber will ensure that it’s hot as Hades under that roof. That said, tire rubber might make a good underlayment for a different roof, as I’m guessing it would be somewhat insulating.

    For a recycled roof I would have started with aluminum cans, which can be cut with a pair of scissors. It wouldn’t rust, it would be lightweight, you could collect rainwater off of it, and it would probably be free, save for the time it would take to cut and flatten enough cans to do the job.

    The other thing I would consider using is something that I have a lot of lying around, and that’s leftover slate flooring.

    Just ideas.

    • Agreed about tire shingles tainting the roofwater. Tire shingles were the best I could think of off the top of my head. I love your aluminum can idea. That’s probably the best way to go. I just sent your suggestion to them. This lady is building houses for poor people in Nicaragua and your suggestion will most likely be very helpful.

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