Top 3 DIY Survival Projects that Could Save Your Life in the Coming Collapse

Bomb resistant earthbag dome disaster shelter
Bomb resistant earthbag dome disaster shelter

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Anyone who is awake can clearly see the social and economic turmoil all around us. The need to prepare has never been more clear. The three DIY projects described in this article could be part of a ‘Plan C’ survival strategy. Plan A might be to shelter in place. Plan B might be to bug out to a cabin. But what if Plan B doesn’t work out? What if the cabin gets overrun by combatants? Or, what if you can’t make it to the cabin for some reason? This is why it’s prudent to have at least one additional backup plan.

All of the projects explained here are built with woven polypropylene sandbags filled with local soil, sand and/or gravel. When filled with moist subsoil and solidly compacted they are called earthbags. Gravel bags are sandbags filled with gravel. These are often used on lower courses to prevent wicking of moisture up into the earthen wall.

Sandbags or earthbags have been used for hundreds of years for military bunkers and other fortifications, and flood control. Sandbags are low cost, easy to transport, simple to fill and require only a few simple tools such as a shovel. They are extremely bullet and blast resistant. (Check YouTube for some interesting bullet tests on sandbags.) The original jute burlap bags have been replaced by much stronger polypropylene bags. The same material is also available in rolls, which is often used to build earthbag tube walls. Tubes are faster and easier to work with than bags since you don’t have to stop and tie the ends of bags.

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6 thoughts on “Top 3 DIY Survival Projects that Could Save Your Life in the Coming Collapse”

    • Right. These ideas can help people worldwide. We’ve designed other shelters for earthquake areas, hurricane areas, etc. This info is gradually catching on. I’d love to see it really take off. Some NGOs such as Good Earth Nepal and First Steps Himalaya have been very successful and are now building dozens of schools and houses.

    • Although there’s no way in hell any western European country is going to allow earthbag construction. Building restrictions are quite stringent there.

  1. I’m very interested in the material and design of these shelters. I’d like to get more information. Thanks, Molly Smith.


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