Turning Round Straw Bales into Rectangular Building Bales — 3 Comments

  1. There are machines built by farmers to unroll round bales into a square baler. They can make sense for a farmer converting bales in the “off” season. Not something you want to tackle for one house’s worth of bales.

    I do not see small rounds being popular–they will be a niche product just as they are today. The big thing is the machine is small–it fits in orchards and under managed pines and places the other machines won’t.

    What you will see more of are the BIG squares–2 1/2’x3’x8′ or 3’x4’x8′–they stack on a semi trailer really neatly for transport. They would make an awesomely warm house if you were willing to build with a tele-handler rental. Not manual labor friendly.

  2. All the round bales that I have seen (I haven’t seen the smaller ones either) are composed of alfalfa, not the wheat, oat and barley straw that is used in straw bale building. Straw has little nutritional value, compared to alfalfa, and it is less expensive as a result. Straw is also useful as a garden mulch and does not often contain weed seeds like the alfalfa does.

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