Vastu Sandbag House

Vastu Sandbag House
Vastu Sandbag House

23 January 2009
“The new Vastu home is ready. The interior walls have been covered with clay, which naturally regulates humidity. From the outside, the buildings look like conventional homes. Sandbag filled Vastu houses can be finished with wood, marble, and other beautiful materials.
The walls are coming up! The builders proudly stand near the half-finished home. The sand-filled walls are an excellent sound barrier. Electrical wiring, and radiant floor and wall heat are also very simple to install.”

Source: Ukraine ‘Green’ Maharishi Vedic Architecture Building

6 thoughts on “Vastu Sandbag House”

  1. I wonder if we could have more examples of how to build a sandbag house. My soil is very sandy and I would prefer not to have to buy earthbag soil. I was thinking of using pallets as part of the suport for sandbags.

    • There’s typically at least some clay or clayey soil available everywhere in the world. Mix a little of this with your sandy soil and you’ll be fine.

      Pallet walls are good, too. I would use earthbags for exterior walls and pallets for interior walls. The best choice depends on your climate and what’s available. As usual, check with local codes and see what they’ll allow.


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