Energy Performance of Straw Bale Buildings — 8 Comments

  1. I am writing to inform you that, thanks to the great diligence of an informed community, a couple of errors were brought to my attention in the recently-released Final Report for Energy Performance of Straw Bale Buildings Research Program. Namely, the pressure rating of the blower-door test was listed as 50 kpa, not the correct value of 50 pa. Also, references to the moisture content of the wall were at times erroneously referred to as measurements of relative humidity. These corrections have been made, and accordingly I have attached the revised version of this report for your reference. My apologies for the inconvenience, and my gratitude to the eagle-eyed reviewers who caught these mistakes.

    Jacob Deva Racusin
    New Frameworks Natural Building, LLC
    P.O. Box 15, Montgomery, VT 05470
    (802) 782-7783 (c)
    (802) 326-2209 (h)
    (no attachment — please contact Jacob if you want the revised report)

  2. Nothing like haveing super insulated walls but the roof? I remember seeing a vault shaped building and i liked how the straw bales covered the whole building.
    I thought of straw bales recentley when i read an article on how yavapi county didnt adopt some newer international building code because the r value was so high they couldnt put enough insulation between the studs.So they were useing old codes that were doable.

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