VibeZ International Earthbag
Vane Bennett from Vibez International, teaches in Baltimore, Virginia, and Jamaica, and collaborates with Scott Howard of Earthen Hand.

“Vibez International is hosting a marvelous 7 day earthbag building workshop in Jamaica West Indies (July 14th-21st). The location for this project is in Sheffield, Westmoreland, 7 minutes inland of Jamaica’s West coast. We will build a monumental 16-foot dome using human hands and age-old technologies.

Learn the Earthbag building technique; one of the most durable long lasting housing options available. Easy to learn and easy to acquire the few needed supplies.

This green technique will empower ones with the ability to build anywhere in the world as long as there is dirt! In this course you will learn everything you need to know on how to build a complete dome house capable of connecting to other domes via doorways.

Now is the time for you to expand the possibilities for your future home project, hone your holistic architectural and engineering ideas, learn new craftsman skills, change the current climate of your earth, body, soul, and mind, and redefine your life through this epic Earthbag Building Workshop.

Join us in bringing this sustainable building technique to Jamaica with plenty time to explore and experience Jamaica’s heritage and natural wonders. Enjoy being energized by the island while giving and gaining knowledge. We will have free time every afternoon during the workshop week for excursions or beach time. Vibez will remain in Jamaica for the rest of July for those looking for a deeper Jamaican experience.”

[Note: The year is not posted and so I’m not sure if this is a past or future workshop. It appears the workshop is over.]

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  1. Good afternoon.

    Will you be hosting the July earth building affair this year?
    If so, please forward the pertinent information regarding registration.



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