One Community Earthbag Construction

POD #1 – Semi-subterranean Earthbag Construction and Central Tropical Dome
POD #1 – Semi-subterranean Earthbag Construction and Central Tropical Dome

“One Community is a low-impact living model demonstrating large-scale sustainability and fulfilled living as the open source blueprints for a sustainable civilization. Our mission is to demonstrate a new way of living that addresses the pressing problems of today and prepares the world for the challenges of the next century through a duplicable model of large-scale sustainability for the complete human experience founded on a simple celebration of what we are capable of: zero waste living and completely sustainable lifestyle practices, inspired collaboration and global contribution, and unconditional love for each other.

One Community Living Pods
Low impact development housing is more cost effective, lasts longer, and is built from resources that are readily available. To demonstrate what is possible, One Community will host a low-impact development of 7 different communal living pods of 15-50 single-family residences each representing a different ecobuild methodology. All structures are designed with four things in mind: our open source goals and the creation of duplicable and cost effective alternative housing options, showcasing of the diversity of eco-building methods, demonstrating innovative designs with unique aesthetic beauty, and maximized functionality while each contributing something unique to the recreation aspects of One Community. Foundations of our model of building beyond structure self-sustainability are:

• Off-grid innovative energy saving designs
• Theme based Pod distinction
• Building as an expression of art and beauty
• Maximal use of sustainable building materials
• Maximal use of recycled and reclaimed materials
• Common area kitchens, computer rooms, etc.
• Communal living vs. individual living structures
• Cohesive building with nature, not over nature
• Community built for efficiency and socialization
• Compact living surrounded by tons of space
• Every new pod built using a different eco-building method and renewable construction material

POD #1 – Semi-subterranean Earthbag Construction and Central Tropical Dome (earthbag, see drawing above)
POD #2 – Straw-bale Hacienda Pod – Straw-bale Construction
POD #3 – Hobbit Home Pod – Cob Construction
POD #4 – Pyramid Pod – Earth Block Construction
POD #5 – Underground Pod – Subterranean Construction
POD #6 – Earthship Pod – Reclaimed Materials Construction
POD #7 – Tree House Pod”

Read more about their low impact development plans at home page

I love hearing about projects like this. Wow! It’s going to be in the Pacific Northwest. There’s a lot more on their website. Please take a look. They’re going to open source their plans, publish thousands of documents, hundreds of videos, etc. to help start other similar projects.

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    • While I agree with most of the basic premise behind Zeitgeist, I seriously doubt the utopian future envision for the future. A Jetson like future is highly unlikely for all sorts of reasons. Governments and big corporations, greed, corruption, fiat money, the willingness of people to go along, etc. have steered us right into a ditch that’s going to be difficult to get out of.

        • Personally, I don’t put much faith in Jetson type futuristic scenarios. That’s the way these ideas come across to me. Also, I don’t trust the UN, one world government or big government. I see UNESCO is funding Auroville. Now why is that?

      • Hi Owen big fan of your work. I know you were in touch with Peggy Bradley as she was training us in the field of hydroponics here in India. I read your mail regarding what your view is about hydroponics and its use of chemicals. I personally don’t distinguish between organic and non-organic and I’ll explain later. I am about to start a sustainable project in Assam and I plan to use your concepts. The project will be dedicated to research, education, food production, water harvesting etc.

  1. Gday Owen, I’ve been following your site for a long time. Love all the information you bring together and all of your house designs.
    I hadconsidered going with Earthbags till I found the associated costs for the bags. I know they are cheap if you can find the right suppliers, but in Australia, it is quite hard.
    To make a long story short (too late), I have intentions of doing something similar here in Australia.
    Shoot me an email @ and I will send you through some sketches/mockups.
    I intend on using recycled woods, earth bricks and other natural building materials.
    Since you mentioned loving hearing about these, I’d pop in and tell you of my project :)


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