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Comments closed: Everyone voted unanimously for the longer book, so that’s what I’ll do. Thanks for the input.

My upcoming book on earthbag building – How to Build Vertical Earthbag Walls – is taking shape and hopefully will be ready in a few weeks. It’s turning out longer than expected. I was hoping for 50 pages of basic how-to building information, but to really cover everything it’s going to take about 85 pages, which will take more time and work, and increase the book cost. So, I want to ask readers what they prefer. My preference is for the longer version, in order to cover all important related topics so no other books are required. And, cutting out 35 pages would change the whole character of the book. (Note: for those on a really tight budget, you can learn the basics for free from our websites.)

Please vote for one of the following:
A 50 pages @ $15 – just the basics
B 85 pages @ $20 – covers all important topics

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23 thoughts on “Vote on my Earthbag Book”

  1. I vote for option C Owen (evntually). We could probably create the book sifting through posts on this Blog! I also concur that any book you write ought be as complete as possible. I Vote B. Thanks!

  2. Sometimes less is more, but in this care more is mo’ betta’! What’s a few more dollars in a book when we won’t have a mortgage…? That’s what I thought… ;) Hats off to us all for taking the initiative!

  3. Certainly option B. Getting as much as possible from the fewest sources is great. Sure we should keep informed from multiple sources, but having a good cohesive base to start from should help a lot.

  4. I want more…

    Why? ‘Cuz I’m like that… ;)

    If I’m gonna learn something, I’m willing to pay $20 to learn it.

    What’s the worst that could happen? I get McDonald’s Quarter Pounder withdrawals for a week? No problem! ;)


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