Voter Fraud Suspected in $300 House Design Competition — 4 Comments

  1. I just checked and see Owen’s 3 designs ranked 11,14 and 19th. I have to admit I honestly think this would have been better with no public votes at all – at least they could make it clear that the public ranking would have no impact on the juried results. The comments alone are enough and have been somewhat entertaining.

    Back to work here

    • My designs are up to #7, 10 and 14. I’m so glad the judges were able to resolve the issue. If the judges see this, thank you!

      Public voting probably helps draw more attention to the contest — more people, more comments, hopefully better results.

      Update: The voting system is seriously flawed. My Stone Dome (one of the most popular designs that could be a major breakthrough in housing) and the geopolymer CEB house is ranked next to the cardboard tube house that’s covered with milk cartons for protection ( Can you imagine anyone voting for the cardboard/milk carton house over my two designs? Not likely. So it’s almost certainly a result of negative attacks. It was an organized attack that knocked my ranking down 30 points or more over 1-2 days. Allowing negative attacks to knock out competitors devalues the contest and makes the whole process questionable.

  2. I have been up all night doing thesis job and have seen the MAX contribution jump from top to middle of first page over and over again. I think he is pushed down by the algorithm and its done manually or automatically. I think the contribution will be removed soon. But its a pain in the a** when this is done because it mess up the whole competition.

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