$300 Earthbag House Update – What the World Needs Now

Every once in a while I go back and look through my websites to check on things and look for fresh insights. I was very surprised to see this $300 Earthbag House video has received over 180,000 hits. That’s far above the average 2,000 hits on most of my videos and this got me thinking about why it’s so popular.

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Earthbag Winners: #1, 2, 3, 5, 14

Earthbag building sweeps the $300 House competition. All three top spots go to earthbag designs, plus designs #5 and #14. This is a great day for earthbag builders. It’s proof that earthbag is growing and reaching wider recognition and acceptance. Patti Stouter landed first place with her Hyper-wattle design that creates narrower, lighter weight walls … Read more

First Call for Elite Earthbag Team

Five winning earthbag designs have been officially announced in the $300 House design competition. At least five of the top designs will be prototyped as part of a long process to refine the designs and eventually build them in poverty stricken areas. This is just an early announcement, a first call for volunteers, to let … Read more

Hyper-wattle Update

Here’s the latest from Patti. “People building with trash have relied on bottles filled with sand or adobe or film plastics to provide strength in infill walls. They have needed either cement mortar or chicken wire to hold the walls together. Some good info on previous projects is at: http://inspirationgreen.com/plastic-bottle-schools.html#jfafa3e6aa Because of the strength of … Read more

Hyper-wattle Wall Test

Patti Stouter just tested her hyper-wattle wall system that’s she’s building at her home in New York. She’s published the results on her Hyper-wattle proposal at the $300 House design competition. She’s been in the top three consistently and there’s a very good chance she’ll win first place. I believe her project is the best … Read more