Low Cost Fill Materials — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you, gentlemen.

    Yesterday, while researching this, I came across a very old newspaper article on something called caliche block & tile by Howard Scoggins.

    I guess there’s many hours of research that can go into it. I don’t recall anything about it on your blog but the earthbag method is likely a much simpler approach. BTW, I apologize if I am posting these comments in the wrong area… its just an article I came across when querying caliche.

    The above mentioned article can be found here…,2198030

    Finally, Owen, I loaned the DVD I purchased a year or two ago out & never got it back so I need to buy another one. Before I do, though, are there any new ones about to be released? My plan is for using the Rachel tubes from Canada, last I looked into it.

    Thank you.

    • The definitive caliche expert and report is from the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems:

      This info could be applied to earthbag building. But most any subsoil will work fine in earthbags. That’s a key advantage of building with bags — a wide range of materials will work.

      No other DVDs are planned. I may do one on our sustainable homestead eventually after I get lots of content and everything is built.

  2. Dozer work pushed up huge piles of caliche from right where house is to be built… good or bad… we’ve a natural caliche pad to build on.

    Any advice on getting started?

    There is no topsoil anywhere around the building area… its like a quarry… my concern is lack of flow.


  3. Hi again.

    Do we have any good/crazy/far fetched ideas what to use as insulation except (scoria, pumice). Sweden dont have that much vulcanos.

    Well I have one locally produced “rock”. Its glass that is heated and poped like popcorn I guess. (Swedish)

    Not that cheap.

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