Why I’m Going to Build an Earthbag House

One of our readers sent this.

“That’s the beauty of my future home site, it’s in county jurisdiction and well away from any towns in that county. I will not be getting the home inspected or buying any permits, the main reason for getting it inspected is to have it approved for insurance purposes, I have no need to have insurance on it, its not like a earthen house can burn down to the ground, and the house will be built cheap enough if there is ever any reason to repair a section, it won’t cost very much at all. Building cheap and living cheap is the name of the game here. These houses can be a great alternative if you plan to never leave it, no worries about market prices, interest rates, mortgage, and if you are more self sufficient on power and water then you have virtually no bills pertaining to typical housing. With the predicted upcoming economic fall and “second great depression” this is a alternative that is one of the best choices you could make.”

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6 thoughts on “Why I’m Going to Build an Earthbag House”

  1. I have talked to a couple people in Ohio in 2 different counties who have alternative buildings – one is earthbag, one is an earthship. Neither had to have permits or inspections, just had to fill out a paper stating they were building. However, one DID have to have a septic system installed and another had to have the plumbing inspected to make sure it was appropriate for a septic tank (didn’t have to actually install the septic tank). They use a composting toilet and greywater system now.

    Neither of these locations is within city limits, but they aren’t that rural either.

  2. I wish you luck with that.Keep it small and hide it.
    Ive heard between google earth and small airplanes being used to look at propertys,people build in the middle of nowhere and end up with fines or removal of buildings.


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