Without Bound Documentary – Perspectives on Mobile Living

This short video is bonus footage from the making of the documentary “Without Bound: Perspectives on Mobile Living” featuring Bob Wells of http://cheaprvliving.com

The entire Without Bound documentary is available for free on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lg37Cbx-kak

Some people might wonder why I’m posting this mobile living video on a housing blog. For one, the documentary is very well done. It’s full of thoughtful/philosophical ideas about simplifying, downsizing, and breaking free of the rat race so people can focus on more important things like finding true freedom, developing meaningful relationships and having time to do the things they really love. In addition, many do-it-yourselfers have a very tight budget. Some people are so stressed out trying to pay bills and get by that they barely have time to think about these things. Don’t give up or get discouraged. Videos like this and blogs like ours show many ways of changing things for the better with very little money.

It’s very common for owner-builders on a budget to live in a camper, RV or van to save money for their home and keep costs as low as possible. I think back at how much money I’ve wasted on rent, restaurants, snacks and other unnecessary expenses and it makes my head spin. I’m much more careful with my money now. It’s a skill that can be learned just like anything else.

There are many fascinating inter-relationships between small, dirt cheap houses like we talk about here on our blog, tiny houses, minimalism, permaculture and mobile living. Hope you enjoy the journey. All of these things have radically changed my life.

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