Withyfield Cottage and the Woodsman’s Cottage

Withyfield Cottage by Ben Law
Withyfield Cottage by Ben Law

Withyfield Cottage interior by Ben Law
Withyfield Cottage interior by Ben Law

More work by Ben Law. His ideas are spreading throughout the region. The video below shows his finished home before he built the addition.

“Beautiful, sustainable, luxury holiday accommodation. Located on a working dairy farm on the edge of the South Downs National Park, this unique roundwood timber, straw bale and cedar shingle holiday cottage is the perfect spot to escape and unwind.
Inspired and built by Ben Law and his team (as seen on Channel 4’s Grand Designs) the cottage is a testament to contemporary green building practice. Supremely comfortable, beautifully furnished and well equipped yet made by local craftsmen using local materials.”

Source: Withyfield Cottage

The Woodsman’s Cottage

“This video from Grand Designs on British TV was voted the most popular show ever by viewers, and apparently Kevin McCloud’s favorite also. Ben Law’s house has been described as possibly the most sustainable house anywhere. It’s built almost entirely with reject wood culled from the local forest: bowed or leaning trees for the crucks, wavy slab wood siding from milling lumber, and coppicing. All this left over ‘waste wood’ from standard log milling operations is typically burned or left to rot. Ben stacked straw bales around the outside of the timber frame for superinsulation.”

Ben Law Woodsman
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