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  3. Another part of the equation is that many people don’t believe they can build their own home. Historically in this country for the last 80 years most people purchased their home.That is what their parents did, so for many they don’t think beyond that. There are also people who believe manual labor is beneath them.

    Another factor to consider is that in some parts of the country it is difficult to build even for experienced contractors. The best areas climate wise usually have higher land values. Higher land values almost always have more stringent building codes, fees and of course above average taxes. Those that are forced to live in those areas because of employment, really can be stuck with limited options.

    There are areas in California where it is almost impossible to build anything new, let alone something the building department has never seen. In some areas, the only way you can build is to do a remodel. I have seen houses in LA County totally demolished with the exception of one wall. That one wall is the basis to allow a permit for a remodel.

  4. While i love big solid and well insulated homes. My shoulders aint what they used to be. I think there is something to be said for portable housing.
    Earth changes or moving with the seasons could be a big plus in the future.
    Ill admit a softspot for log cabins or cordwood homes.
    Pacific domes look nice but are to pricey for me.Sunrise domes and shelter-systems are more like it for me.

    • There’s probably lots of reasons. A lot of it is conditioning. This is how most people get a home now and so they tend to follow along. Plus, the financial institutions create deceptive and overly complex methods to bamboozle people. Matt Taibbi has done a great job exposing the bank corruption in Rolling Stone magazine.

  5. I love the idea, and want to do this so bad myself. My husband and I are tired of owing, and now since our home mortgage has violations in it and we were literally screwed by the bank, and now in foreclosure we are more determined, but how do you get the property to build on. There are so many limitations and we want to purchase property somewhere in north central Florida. Any earthbag home would be perfect here, but land is next to impossible to find, always in a subdivision or many restrictions on it, even out in the middle of nowhere.

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