Women’s Earthbag Roundhouse Community Center in Nepal — 2 Comments

  1. *SPECIAL* 14″ wide x 6000/lf Rolls of UVI stabilized Woven PP tube for sale. PERFECT for earthbag structures, satisfied customers for 18 years. I have 100 rolls of the above that I want to move. For the month of September I will reduce a roll to $550/ea plus shipping when you buy (2) rolls at a time. Do the math!! Must buy (2)rolls for this price!!
    Steve 949-338-5978

  2. It would be great if the UNM4Nepal team would release the complete plans for free on the Internet soon. This is what Nepal needs and this is what the world needs now. Folks, the world is in a state of crisis. A whole team of world class engineers with expertise in earthquakes and building design) has put hundreds of hours into this design. It sounds to me like they’re going to move on to other things so please share this freely with the world.

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