Zak’s Earthbag Hut in the Philippines — 9 Comments

    • The earthen fill in the earthbags is not adversely affected by humidity; in fact earthen materials can handle humidity better than many standard building materials.

  1. how did it hold up in the typhons ??????just would like to know and the flooding how did it do with that and bugs allso think you David Terry

  2. Note how we can publish people’s projects without disclosing last names, exact location, etc. You can still remain anonymous if you want. Again, it’s important for this blog and for the larger natural building movement to get more projects documented and published. Start your own blog if you want. Just get the info out to a larger audience.

  3. What an amazing project, Zak! A timely and inspiring read for me, since I am getting discouraged scouting for land close to my work place that’s not code restrictive.

  4. Looks great. Any more photos and details on the build available? A website or slide show somewhere? A downloadable PDF file? Curious how the kitchen is used as the layout is unusual.


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